Friday, September 30, 2011

Best Race in Town!!

This weekends group runs

Join us Sunday morning for a group run!
We are taking off from the store at 6:00 a.m. for a variety
of speeds and distances.  Bring a friend, and come on out for a
chance to make new friends and find new running partners.

For those of you who are interested in a "little" hill work, a group of us
will be leaving with the group from the store, looping Bendel to warm up (moderately hilly),
 then hitting the parking garage for a few laps, then back to Bendel to cool down.
Should be a grand total of 6 or 7 miles, but who's counting? :)

Hope to see you all Sunday morning!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old Running Shoes Lying Around? Bring 'em In!!

Geaux Run has partnered with Family Promise of Acadiana in collecting old running shoes to give to homeless families who are trying to get back on their feet.  Even though they may be past their prime as running shoes, chances are they still have quite a bit of life left in them to wear everyday.

So now is the time to clean out your closet and get rid of all of those old shoes (running and otherwise) that are sitting there feeling lonely, and give them to someone who really needs them.  There, don't you feel better already? :)

Bring your shoes by the store, and we will give you 10% off of a new pair.

Thanks for helping those in need!

'Nuff said

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Runner of the Week - Bob Valentine

(Yeah, its not exactly weekly, but he's the runner of THIS week :). 

Bob and Emma before his wake up call.

Over 3 yrs ago I was a person that was a father of three with a fourth child on the way.  I was also overweight, weighing in at 258 lbs, and previous to 9-16-08, I was a person that would never exercise, smoked 1 ½ packs of cigarettes per day, and ate all the wrong stuff.  On 9-16-08 all of my bad habits and maybe some genetics caught up with me.  At approximately 9 am I began feeling some discomfort which first felt like indigestion but then turned into feeling like a truck was parked on my chest.  I was scheduled to go offshore, but luckily we were returning from a storm evacuation at the time, and I was ordered to work from our Lafayette office that day to help with logistics, and would go offshore the next day.  At that time a co-worker, one who advised me earlier to go to the doctor drove me to LGMC, and we went into the ER.  I called my wife Emma on the way to the hospital, and told her something was wrong….she was currently 8 ½ months pregnant. 

I was hooked up to the EKG, along with a couple IV’s, and they began popping nitro pills into me, the nurse told me I was having a massive heart attack, but I was at the right place to have one.  All I could think about at that time besides the pain, was knowing that my wife was rushing to the hospital, and I was really more concerned about her well being than my own.  Thankfully she arrived at the hospital safely. Shortly thereafter I met my Cardiologist and he informed me they were going to bring me to another room and perform angioplasty.  Of course I didn’t know what that meant, but who was I to argue with him.  Anyways to make a long story short they found 100% blockage in my Left Coronary Artery and 40% in the Left Ventricle, 2 stints were installed by him.  He informed me that I was lucky, that I had just survived the “Widow Maker” heart attack, that this happens to a lot of people while they are sleeping and they never wake, or while they are alone somewhere and wait too long to seek help.  He also told me I would have to change my life, or I would be back on the table or in a coffin.  I told him my life had already changed, don’t think he believed me at the time, but I am pretty sure he does now. 

 After a couple days I was released from the hospital and was on light duty for a couple weeks.  And during that couple weeks of light duty..11 days after my episode, my wife went into labor and my son Brad was born, and I was really grateful that I was there to meet him.

Of course my diet changed immediately, I began a low fat diet under my doctor’s orders.  Once the light duty restriction time was over I began lifting weights, signed a membership at Anytime Fitness and began walking for 30 minutes a day, which led to an hour a day.  After 3 months of walking I wanted to give running a try, even though I always hated running while I was growing up.  First attempt I believe I could only run 0.10 miles before I was out of gas and had to start walking again.  I kept at it walking then running, and walking again eventually the .10 turned into .25, then .50 then .75 and finally 1 mile.  After I reached 1 mile nonstop I decided let’s go for two, then three, and so on.  Finally after a few months I was able to go 5 miles. 

Just so happened after I reached that milestone I saw a listing on lafayettefitness.org for a 5 mile race in Youngsville (Farm Festival 5 mile).  I registered for the race, didn’t have a clue on what to expect, but I wanted to try it out.  Needless to say I met some really nice people that day and I was definitely hooked on running after this race.  I think two days later I signed up for the Cajun Cup the following month.  I ran the cup and had another excellent experience.  I then set my goal on half marathon…the RnR Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  I kept pushing the distance on my runs, which resulted in developing Plantar Fasciitis, from wearing worn down shoes that weren’t running shoes at all.  After seeing a foot doctor, I decided to get some decent running shoes, and went to the local running store.  Ended up meeting a friend that day, she hooked me up with a pair of Nike’s that felt like I was running on pillows.  Little did I know that one day she would co-own a running store-Geaux Run. 

 After the PF flare up decreased, I was able to resume training, and ran the half marathon, which my wife was able to attend as a spectator.  It was the first time that she was able to take time off from work to go watch me run in a race.  By the way she was hooked on running, after she watched this race.  She began running almost immediately afterwards and had set her goal on running a 5k and then a half.  I could go on and on about how proud I am of her, how much she’s accomplished, and how much support she has provided to me.

Emma running her first half!

After completing the half I had a new goal, and that was to run a full marathon.  I decided to give myself plenty of time to train, and to set my goal race 1 year out and to run the full in New Orleans the following year.  I continued training slowly increasing my weekly mileage, found a training plan at Runner’s World, stuck with it.  I eventually ran across a training group post on Lafayettefiness.org, for a group training for the Cajun Cup.  I checked into the group and met with a couple of them the following week.  Thought it was awesome being able to train with other people, ended up meeting some great people, that gave me even more inspiration to run.  I met Mike Willeford and his lovely wife Rachael, along with a guy that trained for the marathon with me…Thai Mach and his better half Kelsey.  We all trained and ran the Cajun Cup.  After that Thai and I continued training for the full in New Orleans.  Emma trained for the half in New Orleans, and Mike for the full in Houston.  I had an idea on what time frame I wanted to accomplish and that was 4 hrs.  Of course, my buddy Thai (who is always pushing me to my limits and is super fast) wanted to go faster and do 3:45, and I said why not. 

 I think it was two days before the race we found out that Scott Jurek was going to pace the 3:30 group, so we upped it to 3:30.  We probably should have settled for 3:45, but we were idiots, but hey we were idiots that got to run with a record holder for most of the race.  Both Thai and I had a brush with “The Wall”, but were able to complete the race and we both finished sub 3:45.  I had a high that took about a week to come down from, I had just completed a marathon and my wife had just completed a half marathon.  

Scott Jurek in the green shirt, Bob in blue

I think it was a month later, I had set a new goal, and that was to run the Boston Marathon one day.  I knew it would be really tough to qualify, but I would give it my best shot.  I then remembered a running a coach Derek Lindstrom, I spoke with a few times previous to the full in New Orleans, and consulted with him.  He developed a training plan for me to attempt a BQ in early 2012, I set my goal race on Houston.  I also signed up with a local running group Cajun Road Runners Club, and have made a ton of new friends. I am usually the quiet person that never says much, but I listen.  All have their own stories on why they began running, and all are inspirational in my eyes.   Some had health issues, some began running just because they love it.   These people are some of the nicest people I have ever met, and consider each and every one of them a friend.  Only regret I have is not joining the group sooner.  Most of us run different paces but have the same thing in common “we love to run”.  Seems like every group run I am meeting a new friend.  Also out of this group of I also found two friends that accompany me on my long runs and some speed sessions besides my buddy Thai, these two give me even more inspiration to push my personal limits.  Kurt Jagneaux which is a gentleman that is only about a year older than me, and Marie Potter.  Both Kurt and Marie keep me in check, and are absolute beasts when it comes to running.  Out of all the runs I have ran with them, I have never seen them quit or slack off.   Every time I struggle during a run, I start asking myself…. would Kurt or Marie quit…”no”, then why should I?  Most of the time it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. 

After I run Boston, I know that I will have a new goal…kinda thinking about IM, or trail running, but first things first.

The son Bob may have never met.

Anyways don’t know what else to say, besides that I am really grateful to be here today, and also grateful for the love, support and friendship I have received from family, friends (new & old) and co-workers. 

Bob Valentine

Bob before

Bob now

Aesop Was A Runner by Donald Schoolmaster

Yet another reminder that there are tons of people out there waaaaay smarter than I am!  :)  Thanks, Don!  Sorry if the print is a little small.  I spent quite a while fighting with the website to get it correct.  If you would like me to email you the original, send me a note at geauxrun@gmail.com.  It really is a great read!


Male Pacesetters Now Cause for Women's Records to be Nullified

"Now added to the list of banned performance-enhancing substances for female distance runners: men."
Paula Radcliffe doing her thing
It must be different in road running, because with the guys I train with, I do NOT want to follow too close.  Click the picture for the story.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Women's 24 Hour World Record

Lizzy Hawker
Lizzy Hawker smashed the 18 year old women's world record, running just over 153 miles in 24 hours.  The men's record is held by Yiannis Kouros at 180 miles.
Click the picture for Lizzy's story.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Welcome to the next decade!!

Cajun Cup Training Plan - Week 7

MONDAY - Walk or XT
TUESDAY - Run 30 - 45 minutes
THURSDAY - Run 30 - 45 minutes
FRIDAY - Walk or XT
SUNDAY - 5 miles

You probably notice that your long run remains the same this week, but your weekday runs increase from 30 - 35 minutes to 30 - 45 minutes. If you have been doing 30 minutes for these runs, don't jump up to 45 minutes. If you want to increase, add 5 minutes to your time, so go from 30 to 35 minutes.  Remember, the goal of this plan is to help you finish your race happy and healthy. 

Now that it is gradually getting less hot (notice, I didn't say cooler), you might want to start layering your clothes when you head out to run.  The general rule in the winter is to dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer than it is. So, if the thermometer says 60 degrees, once you start moving, it will feel like it is 80 degrees so dress accordingly.

Email me with any questions/concerns - geauxrun@gmail.com.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not a Fan of Gels??

There are some great options out there for nutrition to take in while running or walking, but if gels just don't do it for you, or you have a hard time getting them down, you have some good options. 

Honey Stinger Chews
These have the consistency of gummy bears, and taste just as good.  There are 10 chews per bag, containing 160 calories (vs 100 - 120 calories for gels); 80 mg of sodium (vs 50 - 90 mg for most gels); 40 mg of Potassium (vs 40 - 85mg for gels); 39 g of Carbs (vs. 20 - 30g for most gels); 27g of sugar (vs anywhere from 5g to 29g for most gels).
Honey Stinger Waffles
These are similar to waffle cones.  They are easy to eat, and go down well when working out.  They contain 160 calories, 5mg of sodium, 21g of Carbs, 14g of Sugar, 0 g of Protein. 

Gu Chomps
90 calories; 50 mg sodium; 40mg potassium; 23g carbs; 11g sugar; 0g protein

Clif Shot Bloks
2 servings per pack/3 bloks per serving.  100 calories; 70mg sodium; 20mg potassium; 24g carbs; 12g sugar

Now that marathon season is just getting geared up, its a good time to start experimenting with your nutrition and figure out what your stomach will allow you to take.  If you have any questions, come on into the shop and we can give you more information!

Happy Running!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Looking for a little motivation??

Normally, I am not a big fan of reading race reports written by people I don't know,
but I enjoyed David Clark's story about attempting to break
 the 24 hour mark at the Leadville 100 this year. Thought you might too.
Click the race logo to read the report.
Just to give you a perspective of the course he is describing...
(Umm....  Ouch!!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You asked for it....

Brooks Infiniti 2 in 1 shorts are in!!

The highly requested Infiniti shorts with a full mesh boxer brief for optimal comfort and breathability to help to avoid those chafing issues and unpleasant surprises in the shower :).
3 different colors available, get 'em while they last!

A Big Thanks to Newton for Putting on Another Awesome Clinic!

I can't imagine why our neighbors think we are strange.

Jump rope drills to help runners learn proper form

More drills
Lots of great information was given, and much was learned by all this weekend at the Natural Running Clinic put on by Newton (thanks, Jordan!).  I'll keep you posted when we get another clinic scheduled.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thought for the day

"The purpose of man is to live, not to exist." Jack London

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cajun Cup Training Plan - Week 6

MONDAY - Walk or XT
TUESDAY - Run 30 - 35 minutes
THURSDAY - Run 30 - 35 minutes
FRIDAY - Walk or XT
SUNDAY - 5 miles

Your weekday mileage remains the same, but your Sunday long run creeps up a little this week.  The next two weeks are about building onto the solid base that you have been forming over the last month.  When October gets here, hopefully it will bring cooler weather, and if you are doing a walk/run program, that would be the time to gradually begin decreasing the walk segments, and increasing  the amount you are running.  As with any fitness program, it is important to listen to your body.  Running will cause its own set of aches and pains, especially if you are just getting started.  Now is the time to pay attention to your body, and start to learn what is normal soreness, and what might need more attention.

Also, with increased time on your feet, other issues may pop up, including chafing.  If this gets to be a problem (and you'll know as soon as the water in the shower hits the sore spot), there are a few things you can do.  There are products for this issue, called Body Glide or Sports Shield. Body Glide is like a stick of deodorant, but it is a lubricant that you rub on the effected areas pre-workout.  Sport Shield is a roll on, and is more greasy instead of waxy.  The next thing to consider is if you are wearing cotton clothing or socks for your workout.  Cotton is NOT a runners friend.  It holds moisture and keeps your skin wet, increasing your risk of chafing and blistering.  Any kind of sport specific material containing a polyester/rayon blend that says "moisture wicking" or something like that , will treat your skin much better.

As always, use good judgement with the training schedule.  If an injury pops up, it is better to take a few days off right away than continue running leading to a few weeks off because you made the injury worse.  Keep stretching after every run, and whenever possible in your off or XT days.

Any questions or comments, email Edie at geauxrun@gmail.com.

Happy Running!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Group Run Tomorrow!

We will have our normal group run at 6:00 a.m. from the store tomorrow.  We usually have a large enough group so that everyone finds someone else running their pace, and all distances are usually covered.

At 7:30 Sunday morning, Jordan, the Newton rep, will be hosting a natural running form clinic and will spend one on one time with those interested afterwards. The clinic is free and open to everyone.  This will be a great chance to get some tips on improving your running form!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Entries into the Cajun Cup!

We would like to give a BIG thanks to all of our amazing friends who have donated to Hospice Compassus for Smitty's 12 hour run.  We have raised over $900 so far, and we have 6 FREE ENTRIES for Cajun Cup up for grabs!!  (Just a $25 tax-deductible donation to Hospice Compassus AND you get to run the best race in town.)

Thank you to:


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I have always said that our friends/customers are the BEST!!

Now's the time folks!!  Spots are limited, so call 706-8763 or email Edie at geauxrun@gmail.com to reserve your entry and help raise money for a great cause!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cajun Cup rules on headphones

There have been some questions about the Cajun Cup "no headphones" policy.  Because this is an RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) event, their rules are implemented.  Here is the policy:

RRCA Guidelines on Headphones in EventsThe Road Runners Club of America does not usually dictate rules to our members; we offer guidelines on general safety that race directors and club leaders are encouraged to adopt as guidelines, rules or policies for their local events.Since the mid 1980’s the RRCA has maintained a long-standing guideline against the use of headphones in running events and group training runs. This is a safety precaution and a risk management responsibility for race directors and run leaders. As such, race directors and group run leaders are encouraged to ban or strongly discourage the use of headphones in races and group runs.

Advising participants to leave headphones and audio devices at home or in the car is part of the risk management responsibility of a race director. Many participants do not understand or respect the awesome responsibility a race director shoulders to ensure the safety of every single participant in an event. Respecting an event director’s choice to prohibit headphones in an event or a group run is a shared responsibility of every participant to ensure the safety of all runners, the future success of the event, and the sport as a whole.The RRCA understands that enforcement of a headphone ban or discouraging headphone use can be a challenge for race directors, especially for races that exceed several thousand runners. Because of this, the use of headphones in events and group runs are not excluded from the RRCA insurance policy. This means that if a race director promotes that headphones are not allowed or their use is discouraged in the event, but a participant shows up, runs the race in headphones, and has or creates an incident, the race director is still entitled to have the insurance company fund the defense or negotiate settlement in a legal case.

While the insurance policy does not exclude headphones, and the RRCA does not have an outright ban on their use during events, this does not mean that RRCA members taking advantage of the group insurance program can actively encourage runners to run while wearing headphones. That practice could jeopardize the integrity of the insurance program that benefits thousands of events and group runs every year.On January 17, 2009, the RRCA Board of Directors met in open session to discuss the practice of active promotion of headphone friendly events. Under the advisement of the RRCA Insurance broker, and on behalf of the insurance underwriter, the RRCA Board of Directors unanimously passed a policy stating that RRCA members taking advantage of the group liability and Directors & Officers insurance program may not actively promote that headphones are welcome at RRCA insured events. Meaning RRCA members utilizing the insurance program should not engage in marketing campaigns that invite people to and run in events or group runs while wearing headphones.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but hopefully it answered any questions you may have.  Hope this helps!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Women's Night at Geaux Run!

Join us for Women's Night
Thursday, September 15th at 6:30 p.m.

If you have a hard time finding workout clothes that fit and flatter, here's your chance!
Lisa Evans, a rep for one of the top manufacturers of women's workout clothes, Moving Comfort,
will be at Geaux Run with lots of samples for you to try on and order. 
Talent Tee - Technical moisture wicking fabric - Great colors!!

Compression Short - use it for a base layer, as well as run/workout shorts!
There will be drinks, snacks and GIVEAWAYS!! 
Make it a Girls Night Out!!
Flow Jacket - full zip, zip hand pockets, powermesh vent at back, thumb loops to keep hands warm.
Fusion Capri - Light weight performance fabric for everyday and every season.
Endurance short - 2 back stash pockets, 1 inside pocket, lightweight, wicking brief liner.

Any orders placed the night of the event will be given a 15% discount! 
Email Edie at geauxrun@gmail.com to register!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sorry if you were unable to reach us at the store today.  Our cable was out all day, and we were completely offline.  No internet, no phone, etc.  You don't realize how much you depend on technology until you are completely dead in the water.  I was promised by our cable guy that it would be fixed today, so we should be back online tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused if there was something you needed, or if you just missed us :).  We were open for business, and will be tomorrow, with our without phone, so come by to visit!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cajun Cup Training Plan - Week 5

MONDAY - Walk or XT
TUESDAY - Run 30 - 35 minutes
THURSDAY - Run 30 - 35 minutes
FRIDAY - Walk or XT
SUNDAY - 4 miles

Your weekday runs get a little longer this week.  It's all about spending more time on your feet.  The build up in this plan is gradual to allow your body to get used to the extra work load.  Try to stick to the schedule as much as possible.  But, we understand that life gets in the way sometimes.  If you have to miss a run, and you are not able to make it up the next day, then just scratch it off of your schedule.  Don't keep stacking up miles that you need to "catch up" on.  That is a sure way to get yourself injured, and cause alot more stress than necessary. 

We all have our plates full, and one thing I have learned is that if I am going to fit everything in that I want to accomplish, I just have to sleep less.  I am pretty sure that when I am dying, I will not look back on my achievements and moments spent with family and friends, and say "I wish I could have slept more."  You just have to set your priorities, and not let anything get in the way of your goals.  And remember - it's about the journey, not the destination.

So, there it is.  If you have any questions, call Edie at 337-706-8763, or email at geauxrun@gmail.com

Have a great week, folks!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Awesome Trail Run Today!

Re-grouping on top of the levee
19 Crazy people got up way before the sun to hit the trails! 
9 people were in for the full 20 miles today - WooHoo!!

Thanks to everyone who came out today to make it an AWESOME run!!


Good Luck to all of our friends competing in the CajunMan Traithlon tomorrow!
We hope you all have a GREAT race!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tony's Back!

Anton Krupicka is working his way back from his recent injury...
"Great week back on the trails.  Each day consisted of a bike ride to and from the trailhead (either Baseline or Cragmoor) and some quality time cranking up and easing down a mountain (hiking).  The last three days I've finally started integrating some running back into the routine by jogging the first 15-20min of the day (on Bear, that means running to the mouth of Fern Canyon, and this morning that meant running from my doorstep to Gregory TH).  The fibula feels good; moments of tightness but generally totally pain-free."
Click the picture to go to his blog.

Group Runs This Weekend!!

There's a run for everyone this weekend, and the weather is amazing!  No excuses, folks.  Time to get moving!

TRAIL RUN - Saturday - leaving from the store at 5:00 a.m. heading up to Chicot State Park
Or, you can meet us at the main entrance about 6:15 ish.  $1 to get in and you are responsible for your own hydration!  There are no water fountains on the trail.  You need to carry in the water that you will need for whatever distance you choose.

A few of us are looping it, but you can make it any distance you choose by doing an out and back.  Beautiful trails, great weather - what more could you ask for?

GROUP RUN - Sunday - 6:00 a.m. from the shop.  All speeds and distances are usually represented, and I anticipate a large group due to the cooler weather.  Great way to get involved with the awesome running community in Acadiana!

If you have any questions, email Edie at geauxrun@gmail.com or call the store at 706-8763.

Hope to see all of you this weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Donate to a great cause, run a great race!

HAVEN’T SIGNED UP FOR CAJUN CUP YET?  Well, here’s your chance to register and help a great cause at the same time!  Smitty is running a 12 hour charity run in October, and his charity of choice is Hospice Compassus – the amazing people who took care of his dad, and many others, allowing them to die with the dignity they deserve.

 If you call (706-8763) or come into Geaux Run and make a $25 donation to Hospice Compassus, you will receive a free entry into the Cajun Cup!  As an added bonus, if you increase your donation to $50, we will also give you a Geaux Run Brooks technical shirt to wear for the race!  We only have 14 spots left to give away, so act soon!! 

Even if you are not running Cajun Cup, please consider donating to this incredible cause.  No amount is too little to make a difference.  Sponsor Smitty by the mile or give a flat amount – let’s put our pennies together to make a difference, folks

Call soon - the spots are going quickly!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Q50 Trail Race * Sunday, November 6th

Great news for trail runners!!  Q50 is holding the 3rd edition of the Q50 Ultra U.S.A. on November 6th, 2011.  The race is held in Fountainbleau State Park in Mandeville, La., and the available distances are: 50k solo (31 miles) , team 2 x 25km relay (15 or so miles each), 25 km solo, and a 10km (6.2 mile) fun run.

This race is to benefit:   STARC
Since 1972, STARC’s goal has been to improve the lives of the mentally disabled through services, job training, advocacy, better resources, and new connections. STARC is all about helping people with developmental disabilities reach their potential and become independent, contributing members of the community. They do so by providing therapeutic treatment, daycare, job training and community homes. STARC has been enriching the lives of the mentally disabled for almost 40 years and we are very happy to be partnering with them in this event.
For more information on STARC and more ways that you can help, please visit: www.starcla.org or speak with one of the STARC representatives on race day at the park.
Registration fees until 10/15 are:  50km solo - $100; 2 x 25km relay - $125/team; 25 km solo - $65.00; 10 km fun run - $50.00.  Sign up now for the lower rates!!
ADDED BONUS!  If you sign up at GEAUX RUN (906 Harding Street, Lafayette, LA), you will receive 15% off of your registration, and 15% off of anything you buy in the store on that day!!
This is a great race put on by some pretty awesome folks!  Geaux Run is proud to partner with Q50!!


Looks like the weather is giving us a little break, so we are going to take advantage of it and hit the trails!  We are heading up to Chicot this Saturday.  We will be leaving the shop at 5:00 a.m. if you want to caravan, or you can meet us at the trail at about 6:15.  REMEMBER - you have to carry in all of the water you will need.  There is water on the trail, but NONE that I would consider drinking.

You can do any distance by going out and back, or loop the whole thing for about 20 miles. 

E-ail Edie with any questions:  geauxrun@gmail.com or call 337-706-8763

Monday, September 5, 2011

Trail Ethics

When out on the trails, if you come across another runner who is out of water, and you know you barely have enough for yourself, do you share?  Interesting ethical question addressed in this
New York Times article. (click picture)
How about we avoid this dilemma and always carry enough water?  Problem solved.

Run with friends while supporting a great cause!!

5k and 1 mile fun run
Saturday, September 17th
Proceeds to benefit The Bridge Ministry! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cajun Cup Training Plan - Week 4

MONDAY - Walk or XT
TUESDAY - Run 25 - 30 minutes
THURSDAY - Run 25 - 30 minutes
FRIDAY - Walk or XT
SUNDAY - 4 miles 

The time on your feet is increasing this week.  Keep in mind, that all run times are to be adjusted for your fitness level.  It's okay if you can not run 4 miles.  As long as you cover the distance, that is all that matters.  If you are doing a walk/run program that is working for you, stick with that.  Once you have established a good base, you can start shortening your walk times and increasing your run times.  Late September or early October will be a good time to start working on that.  AND!!  Remember to stretch after every run!